Drilling Services

Kenor Asia  Drilling Service Company has been established in line with providing integrated fluid drilling services, including the production and supply of drilling fluid chemicals, and the provision of various types of solid control services, machinery and manpower supply, waste disposal services and drilling waste equipment in accordance with environmental guidelines.

Due to the Kenor hard work colleagues, scientific research on the domestic production of drilling services in the country has been achieved and the technology of production of these products has been institutionalized in Kenor Asia Drilling Services Company. By providing the required infrastructure and utilizing the capabilities and experience of domestic engineers, it will be possible to produce these products in near future.

Kenor Asia Main activities

  • Supplying Chemicals for 15 wells in AZADEGAN oil Field for NIDC
  • Supplying Chemicals for 30 wells in AZADEGAN oil fields for NISOC
  • Providing water treatment systems for the automotive industries 
  • Supplying water treatment chemicals for steel industries 
  • Supplying chemicals for the related OIL and GAS industries