Commercial Services

Let us do your commercial affairs from A to Z

In global business, import and export considered as one of the most specialized areas, so experienced and expert employees who are knowledgeable informed current rules have important rules in international business.  

“KENOR ASIA “commercial team not only are experienced in this field but also have strong relations with experts in import/export. We have membership in forums, ICC and Iran chamber of commerce with different countries. All these keep our team up to date in information and rules related to their work. 

We are proudly do our best to make you confident. Our priority in making more profits, Cost reduction and doing business easier is our goal to achieve for who seeks professional services from Kenor Asia. 

Kenor Asia team are ready to accompany you step by step, so just let us know you need EX-Work, FOB, CFR or DDP your cargo. We are next beside you  

Our services in Commercial affairs including:

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  • Consulting you based on the import/export rules in origin and destination and needed mandatory work process to choose the best way.
  • Cost calculating for governmental task. 
  • Collecting all needed certificates, permissions and mandatory standards 
  • Managing all custom clearance jobs 

Coordinate all Banking affairs by L/C or Cash Payment

Opening L/C and doing transferring money through Banking system is one of the most reliable ways to be ensure of receiving goods based on the mutual agreement between sellers and buyers. Extensive relation of Kenor Asia with reputable Banks domestically and internationally, provide the possibility to facilitate conditions for us and our customers. So, in this process with feasibility of the best way of money transferring, make an opportunity to offer you, the best, fastest and the most reliable way so we: 

  • Opening L/C, if possible or cash payment to/from different countries.
  • Arranging inspection at the Origin or Destination by well-known and approved inspection companies, as you demand. 


No matter your goods transported by air, shipping, truck, railways or even wants to transit from a country to the others through Iran or from customs to others. “Kenor Asia” with its exclusive contracts internally and internationally with reputed forwarding companies, makes this possibility with the best prices and conditions for their customers.

Custom clearance

            Custom clearance needs up to date information and adequate knowledge in current rules and regulation that lack of such information may even impose losses and waste of time; it is our honor to stay besides you in this section inside of Iran and gets ready cargos to export to your destination.

  • Prepare all needed documents that are required for customs clearance.
  • Make the cargo ready to export.

Thank you for choosing us as your assistant